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AS2000™ Alignment System without Turnplates

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Total Price: $5,395.00
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  • Record Camber and Toe
  • Automatically Calculate Caster
  • Detect Independent Wheel Angles
  • Calculate Thrust Angle


The AS2000™ alignment system from Intercomp provides the precision of laser guided measurements without the high cost or space requirements of a full size alignment rack. The AS2000 features industrial grade components designed and manufactured in our Minneapolis plant that are durable and easily stored allowing for optimal bay usage. The AS2000 is the ideal solution for shops that want to add profitable alignment service without sacrificing bay space and budget.


  •     4 – Digital Caster/ Camber Gauges with Integrated Lasers and Targets
  •     4 – Rim Clamps
  •     1 – Tape Measure
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