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Total Price: $6,995.00
  • 4,000 lb (1,800 kg) Pad Capacity
  • 16,000 lb (7,300 kg) System Capacity
  • Four Load Cells per Pad
  • Ultra Low Deflection Scale Pads
  • Highest Level Accuracy, Repeatability & Stability for Consistent Chassis Setup
  • Transmit Weight Data from the Indicator to a Mobile Device Using Bluetooth® Technology

  • Transmit Weight Data from the Indicator to a Mobile Device Using Bluetooth® Technology
  • USB & RS232 Output
  • Stores 100 Chassis Setups
  • Baseline Setup Recall
  • Center of Gravity Calculation
  • User Selectable Display Modes
  • Target Tune Feature
  • PERCENTWEIGH™ Weight Percentages Displayed in Hundreds
  • Weights Displayed on RFX™ Indicator & in RaceWeigh™ Software Simultaneously
  • View ANY Combination of Scale Pad Weight & Percentage
  • 400hr Average Battery Life in Pads


(PC Not Included)

  • 15" x 15" x 2.5" (381 x 381 x 64mm) Wireless Microflex™ Billet Pads
  • One-Touch Wireless Indicator with Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Charger & Case
  • RaceWeigh™ Software & Wireless Node
  • Two AA Alkaline Batteries Per Scale Pad
  • 2-Year Warranty
Microflex™ Application Note
Choosing a Wireless Scale
How to Corner Balance Your Car
Quik Rack w Scale System
Billet Leveler
w Roll-Off Pad
Corner Balancing
Scale Systems
Choosing a Wireless Scale
RaceWeigh Software Screens
Intercomp’s Wireless Scale Systems combine our Billet Scale Pads with our tested and proven advanced RFX® Wireless Weighing Technology. RaceWeigh™ Software saves/organizes weight and calculation data directly from Intercomp’s RFX® Billet Scale Pads to a PC (not included). Chassis setup information can be entered and saved for future reference.
Main Screen
Car Data Setup Tab
Car Data Tires Tab
Center of Gravity
Target Tune Screen
Car Data Geometry Tab