RIM CLAMP - AUTO (13 to 18"/330 to 457mm)

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Commercial grade clamp fits most any size rim. Rugged design with two types of clamps guarantees a secure fit.

Use with our Digital Caster/Camber Gauge or Bubble Caster/Camber Gauge, with a magnetic adapter, to complement this front end tool.

Perfect for repair shops and vehicles with expensive aluminum wheels!

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0.1° Increments

2,000lb Capacity

Set of Two

  • Measure Wheel Angle with the Industry’s First Digital Turn Plate
  • Multiple Direction X & Y Movement 
  • High-Strength Bearings
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Electronic Display
  • 0.1° Graduation
  • Range of ±30° (60° Total)
  • Light-Weight Aluminum Construction
  • Take Several Easy Measurements to be Used for Alignment. Including Caster/Camber & Ackerman
  • Can be Placed on Top of Scale Pads
  • Standard 9-Volt Battery Operation

Dimensions: 13" x 15" x 1.625" (330 x 380 x 41mm)


Set of Two

  • Same Construction as Intercomp’s Premier Digital Turn Plate
  • Multiple X & Y Movement
  • Utilizes Precise CNC Machined Numbers
  • Range from ±35° (70° Total)
  • Can be Zeroed with Car in Place

Dimensions: 13" x 15" x 1.625" (330 x 380 x 41mm)


Industry's only fully Digital Caster/Camber Gauge!

Indicates to 1/10 of a degree and now features a 15° or 20° caster/camber reading. Up to 10 times greater accuracy than traditional competitor's bubble gauges. Standard 9-volt battery gives up to 100 hours of operation. Lightweight, aluminum design, with auto shutoff and inclinometer mode for pinion and strut angles.

Standard features include:

  • Indicates to 1/10° & has a ±20° Caster/Camber Reading

  • Selectable 15° or 20° Caster/Camber Reading

  • Up To 10 Times Greater Accuracy than Traditional Bubble Gauges
  • Standard 9-Volt Battery Gives Up to 100 Hours of Operation

  • Lightweight, Aluminum Design with Auto Shut-Off & Backlight

  • Inclinometer Mode for Pinion & Strut Angles

  • Built-in Diagnostic Mode for Resetting Camber Zero




Industry's Highest Accuracy Bubble Gauge! CNC-machined, billet, aluminum housing with easy-to-read bubble display. Measures -6 to +6 degrees of camber and -8 to +8 degrees of caster with 0.25 degree accuracy.