Billet Scale Systems

Intercomp Racing billet aluminum racing scale systems, racing scale platforms, and accessories are used by champions in all forms of motorsports. Click on a category below to browse our product line-up including scales with our RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology, Microflex™ scales, Kart scales, Precision Hub Plate scale systems, Apps & Software, Racks & Levelers, and accessories.

All Intercomp load cells & scale systems are tested & calibrated to the regulations set forth by the National Institute of Standards & Technology. These regulations include: temperature range, accuracy, repeatability, humidity, R.F.I./E.M.I. interference & permanence. Accuracy is  ± 0.1% of applied load or ±1 graduation, whichever is greater on every scale system.

All Intercomp scale pads are manufactured from billet aluminum on high precision CNC machining & turning centers to maintain the tightest tolerances & finest product finish available.